Jaguar Series

What is the Jaguar Series?

The Jaguar Series is a three-part hybrid training that covers a variety of topics to assist in developing knowledge and skills. Each series should be completed consecutively, and resources, swag, and awards will be given at the end of each. Series One is offered in the fall and spring semesters, as well as in the summer if there is enough interest. For more information on dates and times, please see the information below.

Learn what the Jaguar Series consists of and what previous participants found valuable about the training series.

Interested in participating?

IUPUI faculty and staff who:

  • Supervise student employees currently
  • May supervise student employees in the future
  • Work collaboratively with student employees
  • Administer the student employee hiring and payroll process
  • Coach others who supervise and work with student employees

Participants will learn to:

  • Enhance student employment programs or positions and clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Remain in compliance with university, state, and federal policies that impact and guide student employment
  • Practice student employee supervision techniques through role-play, scenarios, and best-practice sharing
  • Strengthen communication and create positive supervisory relationships with student employees
  • Support student employee academic, professional, and career development
  • Integrate academic and career relevance into assignments, positions, and programs
  • Understand and adapt supervisor delegation styles, as well as establish realistic and challenging expectations
  • Demonstrate student employee appreciation and enhance overall student employee engagement
  • Utilize performance management tools and processes that emphasize student employee reflection and skill development

Registration is open for Series One, but registration for Series Two and Three will not be available until after the completion of Series One.

Breakdown of each series

This is the introduction course and will provide the foundation for participants moving forward. It will take place over the course of six weeks with a variety of online and in-classroom learning.

Some examples of topics covered include: 

  • Hiring process 
  • Onboarding and orientation for new employees 
  • Coaching 
  • Recruitment methods 
  • Ethics and law in recruiting on campus 
  • Fostering employee engagement 
  • Understanding student employees and learning how to manage employees 

Series One will be offered in the fall, spring, and summer as long as there is interest. Please follow the link to register any time, and once details are set, you will be notified of the dates and location via email for the next series.

This series will dive more deeply into some of the Series One topics and will cover new ones. The topics in each series get more advanced as you proceed. This series will take place over the course of five weeks with a variety of online and in-classroom learning.

Examples of topics in Series Two include: 

  • Development for you and your student employees 
  • Motivation and collaboration in the workplace 
  • Conflict and difficult communication 
  • Workplace evolvement 
  • Recruitment strategies and the student employment cycle 

Please be aware that Series One must have been completed before registering for Series Two, which will be offered in the fall and spring semesters. Registration will be offered at the completion of Series One.

This is the final session for the Jaguar Series and will take place over the course of four weeks with a variety of online and in-classroom learning. At the completion of this series, you will earn the title of "Champion Supervisor" along with other perks, exclusive development opportunities, and a special award.

Examples of topics covered in Series Three include: 

  • Special topics in student employment 
  • Diversity of employees 
  • New and current resources in student employment 

Please be aware that Series Two must have been completed before registering for Series Three, which will be offered in the spring and summer semesters. Registration will be offered at the completion of Series Two.

Interested in registering?

Spring 2022 Series One
Start date: January 25, 2022
Class times: Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (Jan. 25–Feb. 22)

Contact us

For more questions about the Jaguar Series, please email Olivia Daley.