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COVID-19 student employment resources

Remote/telecommuting work is not a normal operation for student employees and should be highly organized by departments/work areas before allowing student employees to use this option for continued employment.

For AY 20-21, all student employees (including federal work study) can work remotely should the departments/areas have tasks and projects that can be accomplished in this manner.

Telecommuting works best when employees and supervisors communicate clearly about expectations. The checklist linked below will help you establish a foundation for effective teamwork, continued productivity, and service to the IU community.

Visit the Supervisor Checklist for Supporting Telecommuting page, for more information and to view the checklist.

The IU Hiring freeze has not impacted hiring of students that have a federal work study award.

Students are notified if they have work-study, and it is recommended that supervisors/departments ask for new FAN notification letter copies to verify the amount awarded of all student employees to ensure no FWS savings are missed. Students can get those and screenshot them to their supervisors from their financial view in One.IU. 

IU University Student Services and Systems (USSS) has decided to utilize the provision in the CARES Act Higher Education Provisions to waive the employer match for students earning work-study wages. This means that departments will now pay 0% of the federal work-study hourly wage. Prior to the CARES Act, the match was 25/75% employer/federal match. This 0% match will begin in summer 2020 and will continue for AY 2020–21.

Things to remember to process a new hire for student employees:

  1. Each student must have a signed authorization form completed and attached to the e-doc. The student should sign the form and email it to their supervisor. If they do not have the technology to do that, then the supervisor may sign the student's name and initial behind that signature, sign themselves as the supervisor, and provide to their payroll processor.
  2. The job description should be in the job board system. If not already in the system, it must be submitted as a new posting on our job board utilizing the current date for both and the start and end date when requested.
  3. Student employees must complete an authorization form for AY 20-21.  Forms are available for download from our website at  View e-Doc instructions.

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