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Appointments and services are continuing virtually due to efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among our campus population.

Get the latest details on department-specific adjustments. Check virtual hours, contact information, and instructions for online services at our University College operations page.

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More information and updates from our office will be provided below as it becomes available. This information was last updated on 6/22/20.

As supervisors of IUPUI student employees, we want you to be aware of the following best practices as it relates to students continuing their work experiences during this situation:

  • Student employees are considered temporary employees and as such can review the policies provided by IUHR.
  • If student employees choose to return to their primary residence or remain away from campus and do not want to work, supervisors should allow this without question. 
  • As the campus remains open, and if the department/work area in which the students work is operational, students can choose to work with supervisor approval and supervision.
    • Departments need to consider work that is closely face-to-face, such as mentoring, tour guides, tutoring in close proximity, etc. We recommend the move to other/virtual means.
  • Remote work is not a normal operation for student employees and should be highly organized by departments/work areas before allowing student employees to use this option for continued employment. Supervisors best practices should include:
    • Verify students have the equipment and an internet connection to complete tasks virtually. Providing equipment is at the discretion of the department.
    • Confirm student employees are aware of how to work with, save, and transmit secure data if needed.
    • Ensure that there are valid projects student employees could complete via remote work.
    • Supervisors of temporary or student employees that are currently working remotely must ensure that staff clocks out for a minimum 30-minute break if they are working more than six consecutive hours.
    • Organize shifts to coincide with a staff member or direct supervisor so student employees would have direct contact with a supervisor/project lead should questions arise.
    • Prepare a method of recording projects and tasks completed with time logs for all to ensure there is no ghost employment. Time sheets must be accurate and approved by a direct supervisor.
    • Plan and execute weekly (if not more often) check-in virtual meetings/phone calls to ensure project/task progress and to provide support and guidance to student employees.
  • Should the campus close, student employees are not to report to work until the campus reopens operations. Supervisors should maintain contact information for student employees for information sharing and question clarification.
    • Supervisors should individually contact students via email, text, or phone regarding updates or changes, and all communication should be as positive as possible.
    • Student employees can be deemed essential employees.  Unit heads should designate which student employees would be deemed essential, communicate that to those student employees and make appropriate notes on timesheets for time worked as essential.  For questions and guidance around essential employees go to HR website
  • Professional development in skill areas that would benefit student employees can be assigned as a work task. This link has a list of modules, activities, worksheets, and more that students could be assigned for completion. These learning opportunities should be part of the check-in discussions happening with supervisors to promote the ongoing learning from professional development. Supervisors should assist the student staff in reflection upon how the topic areas could be utilized in their current positions and how they can transition into future roles as well.
  • Graduate students with academic appointments need to follow the direction of their faculty advisors/department chairs in their areas of reporting structure.

We appreciate our supervisors' willingness to keep students earning and for the continued cooperation and support in keeping our student employees safe!

Supervisors are responsible for determining if they are keeping student employees who are currently working for summer. Students are notified if they have work-study, and it is recommended that supervisors/departments ask for new FAN notification letter copies to verify the amount awarded of all student employees to ensure no FWS savings are missed. Students can get those and screenshot them to their supervisors from their financial view in OneIU. 

IU University Student Services and Systems (USSS) has decided to utilize the provision in the CARES Act Higher Education Provisions to waive the employer match for students earning work-study wages. This means that departments will now pay 0% of the federal work-study hourly wage. Prior to the CARES Act, the match was 25/75% employer/federal match. This 0% match will begin in summer 2020 and will continue for AY 2020–21.

Each student working in the summer will need a new work-study authorization form. New forms are available on our website. The work-study authorization form must be submitted along with the appropriate e-doc. Summer e-doc types can be located here

Things to remember to process a new hire for student employees:

  1. Each student must have a signed authorization form completed and attached to the e-doc. The student should sign the form and email it to their supervisor. If they do not have the technology to do that, then the supervisor may sign the student's name and initial behind that signature, sign themselves as the supervisor, and provide to their payroll processor.
  2. The job description should be in the system. If not already in the system, it must be submitted as a new posting utilizing the current date for both the start and end date when requested.
  3. Student employees with work-study who will continue from summer into the fall semester must complete a new authorization form for fall 2020. Those forms will be available for download from our website on or after August 3, 2020. Then the maintain e-doc can be processed.

HR has worked through policies and procedures surrounding President McRobbie’s announcement on March 23, 2020, surrounding pay for university employees and university operations. It should be noted that student employees are considered temporary employees by the university. Guidelines, pay codes, and information on how this pay will be determined and processed is now available. Please stay in touch with your student employees with updates and refer to this HR link for needed processes and FAQs.

Things to know:

  • Each temporary employee record is treated independently when determining COVID pay.
  • COVID pay was effective for time forward from 3/23/2020–6/30/2020.
  • Temporary employees that had standing or natural end dates to their employment—termination e-docs should be terminated using that end date.
    • The natural end to the semester for most student employees would use the end date of 5/10/2020 on a termination e-doc.
  • Specific questions should be sent to

Due to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and with the health and safety of our guests in mind, the Office of Student Employment is not hosting any in-person events at this time.

All upcoming virtual training and events can be found on our events page.

Our online job board, IUPUI Talent, will continue to function as normal, and we welcome the continuation of job postings for IUPUI students to consider.

Due to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and with the health and safety of our guests in mind, visitors to campus have been restricted. Therefore, all recruiting events have been suspended. During this time, there will be no tabling, career fairs, or employer visitation. This will be reassessed after the start of the fall semester on August 24. 

Our service hours will still be 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. As always, you can reach us via phone at (317) 274-0857 or via email at

For students needing our services, please refer them to our current instructions on meeting with us virtually.

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