Student Employment Supervisor Summit

Summit opportunity for supervisors of student employees

Check out the following details from the 2020 summit: February 26, 2020

Mark your calendar for the second annual Student Employment Supervisor Summit! The theme of the 2020 Supervisor Summit is "Building Blocks to Supervising Success." This is an opportunity for IUPUI supervisors of student employees to connect and to gain resources in a new way. Join us for a miniconference to network with others and to grow in your role as a supervisor. There will be a keynote speaker, a variety of breakout sessions, lunch, networking, and more.

Itinerary information

Curious what the day will bring? See the itinerary below:

9:30–10:15Keynote Speaker
10:30–11:15Breakout Session 1
11:30–12:15Breakout Session 2
12:15–1:30Lunch (provided)
1:45–2:30Breakout Session 3
2:45–3:30Collaborative Breakout Session
3:30–4:30Champion Supervisor Exclusive Event


2020 breakout session topics

The 2020 Supervisor Summit breakout sessions will be based on three blocks as the "Building Blocks to Supervising Success":

  • Developing High Performing Employees and Teams
  • Motivating and Inspiring Others
  • Creating Opportunities Out of Supervising Challenges

Shruti will review the importance of the relationship between a supervisor and supervisee in the keynote address. Come learn more about the impact identity-conscious supervision can make on the larger department as well as further details about the larger model of identity-conscious supervision during this session.

Dr. Shruti Desai serves as chief of staff for the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at WashU. Shruti’s research examines resilience in women of color in senior student affairs officer roles. Shruti has also authored a book on identity-conscious supervision in higher education. Prior to joining WashU, Shruti held professional roles at McKendree University, the University of Kansas, and Texas Tech University.

Training is an inevitable element of our roles as supervisors. Although a routine task, it is important not to fall into a rut of providing the same information in the same ways. This ensures that all student employees are engaged through methods by which they retain information and contribute to a more successful staff. Join in as we take a peek through this learning glass to understand your student employees as learners and consider ways to inform and to enhance the initial and ongoing training and development experiences you offer your team.

Derek Savick is a student employment consultant in the Office of Student Employment at IUPUI. With an educational background in K–12 education, he is an educator at heart. Since joining the Office of Student Employment, Derek has focused on applying this knowledge in and out of the classroom setting when engaging students to ensure true learning experiences. He is excited to share some of these practices to support your work as student employee supervisors.

There is a gem inside of each of us ready to be discovered. The great reveal for some requires time, discovery, coaching, inspiration, vulnerability, pressure, and even at times, re-direction. Are you willing to do the work? Join author, speaker, coach, and creative artist Ta-Kisha Jones as she shares the creative synergy that Mpowers one to be the best reflection of themselves. In this session, supervisors will explore innovative strategies to motivate and to inspire student staff in the workplace. Don’t miss the opportunity to expose and elevate the future leaders you are entrusted to help succeed.

Ta-Kisha Jones currently serves as the assistant director of health and wellness initiatives at IUPUI. She is the founder and CEO of MpoweredtobE and the co-author of And Here I Stand: A Collaboration of Courage. From the classroom to the community, Ta-Kisha thrives in integrating creativity, passion, and purpose. She repurposes perceived ordinary experiences and resources to help others achieve optimal well-being to include occupational wellness. In her role of leading peer health educators, she creates an environment of support, encouragement, and motivation to succeed. This unique gift Mpowers students to fulfill their purpose and positively influences the quality of their lives.

Supervising comes with challenges we can occasionally struggle to address. And while there is no means to guarantee a positive result, a focus on trust building can increase staff engagement in the search for a solution-focused approach to confront concerns. This session will provide supervisors with an overview of well-researched trust-building behaviors, prompt reflection on their own supervisory style, and preparation to implement specific practices and activities to better manage change and challenge with student staff.

Sarah Eltzroth is the director of operations in Academic and Career Development at IUPUI, where she supervises a team of 15 student staff, including peer advisors and student coordinators. Her past experience includes roles in staff training, orientation, advising, and leadership development. Sarah was selected as the 2019 Student Employment Supervisor of the Year for the state of Indiana.

The Bepko Learning Center employs over 75 student employees each semester. Recruiting, interviewing, and training student employees have unique challenges. Learn how the Bepko Learning Center has organized the training process from onboarding to ongoing. This workshop will focus primarily on a multi-faceted approach to training new student employees. Being clear about the purpose of each training component and utilizing students to facilitate activities creates a culture that values collaboration and continuous growth.

Landon Brothers is the associate director of the Bepko Learning Center and the center’s Office of Tutoring Services. Brothers has more than a decade of experience working with students ranging from the recruitment process, training, evaluation, and student employee transition. Witnessing student employees develop and having former student employees return to share how their work as a student set them up for success in their professional career is what energizes him most.

Jennifer Gleissner is the assistant director for the Office of Academic Mentoring at the Bepko Learning Center. A recent newcomer to the world of academia, Jennifer actively incorporates knowledge from over 25 years in the industry into the training and coaching of student employees. Her favorite part about being a supervisor to students is the enthusiasm and energy they bring to their roles.

Coaching conversations are a great way to foster growth and development with students and can lead to wonderful reflection and discovery. Many IUPUI supervisors have already seen the value in coaching with their students for developmental purposes, but this is not so easy with difficult conversations. In this session, supervisors will explore strategies for incorporating coaching into the more difficult conversations with students—attendance, poor performance, professionalism issues, etc.

Lauren DeHaan is the assistant director of the Office of Student Employment at IUPUI where she coordinates the On-Campus Internship and Hire Achievers programs while also managing data and assessment for student employment. She has created and facilitated many training programs on supervising and coaching student employees on the IUPUI campus and has shared her supervising practices at the national level with other student employment professionals. Prior to her time at IUPUI, she worked in human resources and is currently pursuing her master’s in adult education and certification in instructional systems technology.

After noticing a decline in student satisfaction on program surveys and changes in student leader behaviors, researching Gen Z has shed a light on who our current students are. In this interactive session, we will look at characteristics of Gen Z and what that means for us as supervisors.

Stephanie Keiner has served in the office of Orientation Services at IUPUI since 2007. Currently, she supervises 180 students in various roles such as student coordinators, orientation leaders, and first-year seminar peer leaders.

Meet the 2020 keynote speaker

Dr. Shruti Desai serves as chief of staff for the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU). Shruti’s research examines resilience in women of color in senior student affairs officer roles. Shruti has also authored a book on identity conscious supervision in higher education. Prior to joining WashU, Shruti held professional roles at McKendree University, the University of Kansas, and Texas Tech University. 

Shruti has worked to lead systemic change for LGBT and individuals of color for students and professional staff. Shruti presents regionally and nationally on identity conscious supervision, creating supportive cultures for minoritized identities, building a culture of assessment, and developing resilience. Shruti is an alumna of the Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI) as well as a past faculty and intern with SJTI. Her passion lies around getting beyond the false binary of race in America, examining identity as intersections of power and privilege, and data as storytelling. Shruti has received numerous awards, including NASPA’s Asian Pacific Islander Knowledge Community mid-level professional of the year as well as the James R. Holobaugh award for outstanding service to the LGBT community and Advisor of the Year. Shruti holds a B.A. in Psychology from Mercer University, a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia, and a doctorate in higher education leadership from Maryville University. Shruti lives in St. Louis with her incredible partner and their zoo of two dogs and a cat!